Overlord (Hatchlings)
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Hatchlings
Last Appearance Hatchlings

Gender Male
Race Espheni
Allegiance The Espheni
Occupation Unknown
Cause of Death Shot multiple times by Anthony.
This Overlord shot by Anthony.
I assure you I can withstand any pain you inflict longer than your son.
— This Overlord to Tom Mason.

This Overlord was an Espheni commander. After the destruction of the Espheni power core on the Moon, this Overlord was tasked with creating a new breed of skitters and Black Hornet's from scratch.


Season 5Edit


This Overlord was first witnessed by Maggie and Hal Mason. The Overlord forces Brian back to him to be used again in raids, however he also brings Caitlin to him. After he did, the Overlord dismissed Caitlin, as it may have jeopardized the mission, and ordered Brian to kill her, however Hal runs up to the Overlord and stabs him multiple times in the back. The Overlord is dragged back to Chinatown, and held hostage until he gives answers where the skitters and black hornets are being created. The Overlord does not give any answers, however Ben Mason and Maggie both connected, making the connection unbreakable and stronger, getting into his mind and getting the answers they needed.

Later, Anthony approached the Overlord while it was trying to connect to the Shadow Plane, Anthony told him to put it down, before shooting him multiple times in the face.


  • "You came back to me, where you belong. You should have come alone. You put my plan in jeopardy. Soon, you will rejoin your pack. Now kill her!" - Hatchlings


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