Pickett's wife
FS Character
Seasons Season 3
First Appearance The Pickett Line (mentioned)

Allegiance Duane Pickett
Age 40's
Family Duane Pickett - Husband
Gil Pickett - Brother-in-law
Steve Pickett - Son
Luke Pickett - Son
Bibby Pickett - Daughter

Pickett's wife was Duane Pickett's wife. She was killed by scavengers during the invasion.



As the invasion started, Duane decided to stay on his farm with his family, figuring their chances would be better hiding then fighting. One day a group of men came by their farm and claimed to have been traveling for days. Duane took them in and fed them. However the men robbed Duane and his family and killed his wife. After her death he said it was the world they lived in now, kill or be killed. Which led to his family robbing travelers to survive.

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