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The gang being killed by an Airship.

John Popes' Gang was a faction of outlaws and thieves lead by John Pope. The group consisted of 13 members, the leader John Pope, his brother Billy Pope, Maggie (who betrayed the group), Cueball, Whitey and eight others.



Not much is known about the gang pre invasion, however it is known that they are a faction of thieves and outlaws such as John Pope, Billy and Cueball. During a conversation with John Pope and Tom Mason, he asks if he has good conversation with his men and he replied that the last book they read had a dog named spot on it, referring that the group is illiterate and/or dumb.


Like John, members of Pope's Gang displayed a flagrant disregard for political correctness. In addition to tangling with the resistance, Pope's Gang also fought and killed Skitters. Margaret was sexually abused by Billy Pope while a member of the gang. Although John Pope claims to have taken no part in it, and told Maggie all she had to do was tell him. John tells Mason that the last book any of his gang members read "had a dog named Spot in it".

They were disbanded after John's plot to extort heavy weapons from the 2nd Mass was foiled by Tom Mason, two were shot by Maggie back at the camp, two shot by the 2nd Mass and the rest killed by an Airship dropped a bomb onto the gang. John and Maggie were the only survivors.

Pope and Maggie both eventually joined the 2nd Mass. Maggie fell in love with Hal Mason and became a trusted member of the 2nd Mass while Pope was less trusted but more or less accepted. After the death of his girlfriend, Pope formed a new crew in a crusade of revenge against Tom Mason. He later dies of his injuries after a failed attack on the 2nd Mass base.



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