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Popeisms are the frequently sagacious and comical observations of John Pope.

  • To Dai: "We're not gonna let you drive".
  • To Scott: "What is that, paprika? Who puts paprika on chicken? What are you, Hungarian?"
  • To Anthony: "What gang were you in? Bloods? Crips? Slytherin?" Anthony replies  "No boston police department" Pope replies "thought i smelled pork"
  • To Terry Clayton: "I smell asparagus. Which means you're boiling it. Which means you're ruining it".
  • While fixing a radio: "Maybe we can get NPR on this thing and bore them to death".
  • To Dai: "It's Dai, right? What do they call you for short?"
  • To Matt: "Great. Suddenly I'm a beneficiary to some pre-adolescent rebellious streak."
  • To Tom: "Unarmed? What am I, Canadian?"
  • To Tom on joining the 2nd Mass: "I think I'll rest for a little while. Being the leader of a post-apocalyptic gang of outlaws has been exhausting."
  • While fighting a group of mechs and skitters: "Life hands you lemons, you blow its fricken head off!"

Popeisms sometimes take the form of nicknames.

  • Tom Mason: "Papa Smurf".
  • Karen Nadler: "Sexy Freedom Fighter Girl".
  • Hal Mason: "Strapping Young Man".
  • Anthony: "Black Gangbanger".
  • Dai: "Oriental of Some Sort".
  • Weaver: "El Captain", and "Supreme Allied Commander of the 2nd Massachusetts".
  • Margaret: "Little Miss Midwife With A Heart Of Gold".
  • Matt Mason: "Little Prince Of The 2nd Mass".
  • Ben and Hal: "Little Princelets"

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