Assault on the Overlord Cannon


Raid on the Espheni fuel depot

Raid on the Skitter mining camp


Invasion of Earth




Skitter mining camp


Global Resistance victory
Introduction of the Mega Mech



Global Resistance
Skitter Rebellion


Karen Nadler

Tom Mason
Colonel Daniel Weaver
Paint Face


2 Mega Mechs
One Mechs
Dozens of Skitters
Lourdes Delgado (mole)

Weaver's team- about a dozen
Tom's team- Nine
Many rebel Skitters


One Mech destroyed
All Skitters
2 Mega Mechs

Several Resistance fighters


The Raid on the Skitter Mining Camp was a strike on an Skitter mining camp by the Global Resistance.(On Thin Ice)


At some point the Resistance learned of a Skitter mining camp which held numerous Harnessed children.

The BattleEdit

The battle started when Matt Mason planted a Volm grenade near the lone Mech and retreated back to Daniel Weaver and Jeanne Weaver. On Weaver's order, Matt detonated the grenade, disabling the Mech and startling the Skitters. The rest of the 2nd Mass arriving quickly destroying the Mech, Ben Mason and Denny repelled down a nearby cliff and killed 2 Skitters by stabbing them. The 2nd Mass quickly gathered the Harnessed children into a truck to transport them back to Charleston, South Carolina. Anthony and John Pope gloated that it was easy. Suddenly two unidentified Mechs sprang out of the ground and opened fire and several Skitters came out of the mine attacking the fighters. A group of rebel Skitters came to the aid of the Resistance attacking the loyal Skitters. Despite the 2nd Mass' best efforts they were unable to damage the Mega Mechs and suffered several casulaties. Tom Mason and Cochise arrived and destroyed the two Mega Mechs using Volm-modified weaponry.


The raid was a success as all the Harnessed children were rescued and later de-harnessed. Cochise noted the Espheni must be getting worried about the Resistance's continued success as the Mega Mechs are usually reserved for more technologically advanced species.


  1. The episode Badlands, which take place two weeks after this, marks the 2 year anniversary of the invasion which occurred in 2011.

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