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Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Love and Other Acts of Courage
Last Appearance Love and Other Acts of Courage

Gender Male
Race Dornia
Allegiance Skitter Rebellion
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Rebel soldiers
Cause of Death Killed by Mechs

These twenty skitters were members of the Skitter Rebellion that lost a battle to Mechs.


Season 2Edit

"Love and Other Acts of CourageEdit

Joined by Ben Mason, these rebel Skitters and Red Eye stood on the roofs of ruined buildings and howled at the rising sun.

Shortly afterwards, the rebel Skitters engaged in battle with Mechs loyal to the Overlords. The battle was noticed by members of the 2nd Mass who came to investigate.

By the time the 2nd Mass arrived, all twenty rebel Skitters were killed. The 2nd Mass found the aftermath of the battle with several destroyed Mechs and the bodies of all the dead Skitters which had wounds ranging from Mech Bullets to burns. The human resistance fighters noticed that there was no signs of human fighting and were confused. Beneath the body of a dead Skitter, they found Rick Thompson who led the 2nd Mass to the badly injured but alive Red Eye who explained the Skitter Rebellion to them.


Killed ByEdit

The Skitters engaged in a battle with Mechs sent by the Overlords. All twenty Skitters were eventually killed by the Mechs, leaving Red Eye as the only survivor.


  • While examining the remains of a Mech, Tom Mason sees a giant hole through its head. As none of the Skitters were shown to possess weapons, this was presumably done with a leg.
  • One of the Skitters' bodies was found on top of an injured Rick Thompson. This Skitter may have been trying to shield Rick when it died.

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