Seasons Graphic Novel
Season 1 (mentioned)
First Appearance Graphic Novel, Chapter 4
Last Appearance Graphic Novel, Chapter 5

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Early 30's
Occupation Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Hah! Got me another one! Whatever damn language these bastards speak, they'll be saying our names for a long time!.
— Reed about the skitters.

Reed was a member of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment.


Graphic NovelEdit

Porter informs Tom that Reed will be apart of the group to find Vlensa, however Tom has a slight issue, Reed did teach him and his boy's to survive however he is enthusiastic about killing skitters, and Jameson replies that he'll have a chat to him. Reed joins Tom and his group to gather weapons from Alexander Vlensa, on the rooftop, Alex hands him a AT-4 launcher and he says that the launcher could make a real statement. As they are talking, a airship flew across the sky, and Reed shoots the launcher at it, causing it to erupt in flames and crash onto the rooftop. When an attack squad of Skitters and Mechs arrive, Alex and Reed hold their position and attack them. Reed and Alex kill many Mechs and Skitters, but Reed is ultimately attacked and killed by a Skitter.

Season 1Edit

"Live and Learn"Edit

Though unseen, due to Reed shooting the AT-4, Weaver mentions to Porter that it must've pissed off the aliens, which caused them to retreat from Boston.

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