Assault on the Overlord Cannon


Raid on the Skitter mining camp, Raid on the Espheni Fuel depot, Skirmish in Charleston


Volm complex bombing

Siege of Charleston


Invasion of Earth




Charleston, South Carolina


Global Resistance victory



Global Resistance


Karen Nadler

Tom Mason
General Jim Porter
General Cole Bressler
Colonel Daniel Weaver


*Lourdes Delgado (mole)

1st Continental Army
2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Volm troops


All Mechs and airships destroyed
Numerous Skitters killed

Dozens of Resistance fighters


The Siege of Charleston was a prolonged assault by the Espheni against the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

First 3 attacksEdit

Over the course of seven months the Espheni attacked Charleston three times. With help from the Volm the Humans were able to fend off each assault.

Fourth attackEdit

The Skitter Rebellion learned of an impending fourth attack a few weeks before it occurred.(On Thin Ice) One week before the attack the Rebellion informed the Resistance of a fuel depot being used as to prepare Mega Mechs and Airships for the attack. Tom Mason and Daniel Weaver led a successful raid on the fuel depot, depriving the Espheni of most of their assets in the area.(Collateral Damage) After anticipating the attack for over a week, the Espheni suddenly launched it during the Liberty Tree ceremony. Several airships dropped bombs nearby. Alexis Glass-Mason watched the bombers and smiled. (Badlands)

Sometime after the beamers attacked, numerous Mechs and Skitters involved. Hal and Maggie with dozens of other soldiers held them off, while taking casualties. Hal at one point destroyed a Mech saving Lyle. Observation Post Charlie reported inbound airships at 30 kilometers out. By this time the Volm were mobilized. When the Airships arrived they were quickly shot down by two Volm with Volm rocket launchers. This marked the end of the attack, resulting in 23 skitters killed, 8 Mechs, and 17 Airships destroyed. The next day the flag was lowered to half-mast to honor those who died in the attack.(At All Costs)


  1. The episode Badlands marks the 2 year anniversary of the invasion which occurred in 2011.

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