Skirmish at John F. Kennedy High School


Battle of John F. Kennedy High School
First Assault on Boston

Skirmish at Weaver's House


Invasion of Earth




Daniel Weaver's house, Alton MA


2nd Mass victory


2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment



Tom Mason






The Skirmish at Weaver's House was a minor skirmish between elements of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment and a single Mech.


After being informed of a coming coordinated attack on the Motherships around the globe in four days, a team of 2nd Mass fighters consisting of Tom Mason, Hal Mason and Daniel Weaver returned to Boston, MA on a reconnaissance mission. During the mission, the team met Sonya Rankin, unknown to them an Espheni collaborator. Haunted by thoughts of his family, particularly after seeing a picture Rick Thompson drew of his house, Weaver set out alone to visit his home where he intended to stay. He was followed by Tom and Hal and unknown to them, Sonya alerted the Skitters to their location, causing them to send out a Mech to attack Weaver's house.


As Daniel Weaver and Tom Mason argued about Weaver's plans to stay at the house, they heard the sound of a Mech approaching. Seeing it coming, Hal Mason hid under some nearby playground equipment while the Mech circled around behind Weaver's house. As Tom taped two grenades together, believing that they would enough to destroy the Mech at close-range, Weaver refused to leave, telling Tom that he would distract it and buy Tom and Hal time to escape. However, Tom refused to leave Weaver behind. As Tom prepares the grenades and the Mech approaches, Weaver finds his wife's glasses and gains new hope, telling Tom "let's get this thing."

Weaver tells Tom that once he opens fire, Tom has three seconds. As Weaver stands in his backdoor ready to fire, Tom ducks out a window. As the Mech enters the backyard, Tom orders Weaver to go and Weaver shoots some propane tanks in front of the Mech, creating an explosion and catching its attention. As the Mech focuses on Weaver, Tom pulls the pins on the grenades, runs up behind the Mech and sticks the grenades to its back. The Mech turns on Tom, but before it can shoot him, Weaver opens fire on it again. The Mech turns on Weaver, but before it can shoot, Tom's grenades detonate, deactivating the Mech.


After the fight, the three realize that the Mech was no passing patrol and that Sonya Rankin is a collaborator that gave them up. Sonya later explains that she got supplies and promises of company in exchange for each time she gives someone up.

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