Skirmish at the Motorcycle Shop

Skirmish at the Food Distribution Warehouse


Invasion of Earth




Watertown Shop Smart Food Distribution Warehouse


2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment victory

  • All enemy forces killed
  • Food supplies successfully retrieved

2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment



Tom Mason

A Skitter





The Skirmish at the Food Distribution Warehouse was a skirmish between elements of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment and a Skitter and a Mech at a food distribution warehouse.


Needing supplies for the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, Tom Mason decides to lead a team consisting of himself, his son Hal, Karen Nadler, Dai, Anthony and Jimmy Boland to one of two Shop Smarts to get what they need. After observing the direction the Mechs and Skitters are going in, its decided that the best bet is the Shop Smart Food Distribution Warehouse in Watertown. The team heads to the warehouse where a Skitter and a Mech are waiting for anyone looking for food there.


As Hal Mason pulls food off of a high shelf, the Skitter emerges from behind the boxes, causing Hal to fall off the ladder in shock. Hearing what happened, Tom Mason opens fire on the Skitter with an assault rifle, yelling at Hal to run. Tom's fire has no effect on the Skitter, but it draws the attention of a Mech also in the store.

The Mech chases Tom, firing at him as Tom ducks into a nearby aisle and attempts to prepare a C4 charge stolen by Dai. As the Mech finds Tom and prepares to shoot him, its shot by Hal, drawing the Mech's attention to Hal instead. The Mech opens fire on Hal, stalking him as he dives for cover. Hal's attack provides enough of a distraction for Tom to ready the charge, load it into a shopping cart and roll it down the aisle where the Mech is searching for Hal. Once the charge is next to the Mech, Tom detonates it, destroying the Mech.

However, Tom destroying the Mech draws the rage of the Skitter who climbs over a shelf to attack him. Tom opens fire on the Skitter with his assault rifle to no avail, ultimately running out of ammo. Before the Skitter can kill Tom, Dai emerges and shoots it in the head at point-blank range with a sawed-off shotgun, mortally wounding the Skitter. As Tom, Hal, Dai, Anthony and Jimmy watch, the Skitter growls something unintelligible to them before dying of its wounds.


Following the failed ambush, the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment fighters are able to successfully take all of the supplies from the food distribution warehouse and bring them to the rest of the regiment.

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