Raid on the Espheni fuel depot


Siege of Charleston

Skirmish in Charleston


Invasion of Earth




Northern perimeter, Charleston, South Carolina


Global Resistance victory


United States

New United States


Benjamin Hathaway

Tom Mason
Colonel Daniel Weaver


~6 soldiers
2 Humvees

At least 10 fighters

  • Unknown, at least one

The Skirmish in Charleston was a brief firefight between the New United States and the United States.(Badlands)


Several soldiers from the U.S. scouted Charleston seeing humans interacting with Skitters and aliens unknown to them. Thinking the New U.S. were human collaborators, they reported to Pres. Benjamin Hathaway. He ordered an assault on Charleston.

The BattleEdit

On the day the soldiers attacked Matt Mason had been running supplies to the different posts. First Lieutenant Katherine Fisher started the skirmish when she opened fire with her sniper rifle on Lee Tedeschi. Lee had been wearing snow tires as a bulletproof vest, which allowed her to survive being shot. However, the force of the bullet hitting her knocked her down onto some rubble, causing a piece of rebar to go through her head. Pope and Matt stayed with her saw through the rebar to get her out. Unsure who was attacking them, Tom Mason and Daniel Weaver went out to aid the fighters and managed to kill one of the soldiers. When they realized it was regular people firing on them, while making their way to Pope's outpost, Tom suggested talking to them to get them to cease fire. Ben reported to Tom that the Humvees they used to get in to Charleston had fled across the Cooper River bridge. He attempted to talk to Lt. Fisher to get her to stop firing, this didn't work so Weaver destroyed her sniper nest with an AT4.


Lee Tedeschi died a few hours later in the hospital with Pope by her side. Lt. Fisher was captured and revealed to the Global Resistance the survival of the President. This would later lead to talks between Tom Mason and Benjamin Hathaway.


  1. Badlands marks the 2 year anniversary of the invasion which occurred in 2011.

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