Skitter (Compass)
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Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Compass
Last Appearance Compass

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Scouts
Cause of Death Stabbed in the nerve center by Ben Mason

This skitter was secretly hunted by Ben Mason and Jimmy Boland.


Season 2Edit


While supposedly patrolling the perimeter of the 2nd Mass' camp but in reality hunting Skitters, Ben Mason and Jimmy Boland spot this Skitter in the woods. As the Skitter passes by them, Jimmy shoots it in the head, apparently killing the Skitter. As Ben and Jimmy examine its body and Jimmy comments on its nasty head wound, the Skitter suddenly rises again and attacks Jimmy. However, Ben grabs the Skitter from behind and stabs his knife through its chin and into its nerve center, killing the Skitter. Jimmy comments that he had thought the Skitter dead after he shot it.


Killed ByEdit

After being shot in the head by Jimmy Boland, the Skitter suddenly rose and attacked him. However, Ben grabbed it from behind and drove a knife through its chin and into the Skitter's nerve center, killing it.


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