Skitter (Grace)
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Seasons Season 1
First Appearance "Grace"
Last Appearance "Grace"

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Soldier
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Dai

This skitter used harnessed teens to ambush a team from the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment at a motorcycle shop.


Season 1Edit


After John Pope blows up a nest of Skitters, this Skitter leads an ambush of Tom Mason's team at a motorcycle shop using harnessed teens armed with machine guns. Tom quickly realizes that the teens are being guided and controlled by a Skitter and that if they take it out, they might be able to stop the teens without harming them. Noticing that the teens react to movement, Tom throws a lit bottle of gasoline under a truck outside, causing the kids to shoot it, setting off an explosion that consumes the truck, With the kids distracted by firing at the burning truck, Tom's team makes a run for it on motorcycles. The Skitter directs the teens to shoot at the escaping team while it emerges from the back of the shop to confront Tom and Dai itself. With the Skitter between them and the exit, Tom shoots it several times in one of its arms with a pistol, causing it to move away from the pain. The two race for the windows only to be chased by the Skitter. Before it can reach them, Dai unloads both barrels of his sawed-off shotgun into the Skitter's head at point-blank range, killing it. With the Skitter's death, the teens are left directionless and Tom and Dai are able to easily escape.

Later, Tom and Captain Daniel Weaver discuss the Skitter's actions and how it used the harnessed kids instead of Mechs. Tom suggests that the Skitter was using psychological warfare against them as they couldn't shoot kids and that it shows the Skitters are more like them than they realize.


Killed ByEdit

As the Skitter attempted to prevent Tom Mason and Dai from escaping its ambush, Tom shot it in one of its arms several times, forcing it to move out of the way. As the two men fled on a motorcycle, the Skitter chased them, but was shot twice in the head at point-blank range by Dai with his sawed-off shotgun, killing it.

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