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  Skitter (Silent Kill)
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance "Silent Kill"
Last Appearance "Silent Kill"

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Guardian
Cause of Death Shot by an Tom Mason.

This skitter was one of the guardian taking care of a group of harnessed kids.


Season 1Edit

"Silent Kill"Edit

This skitter was the guardian of a group of harnessed children. One of the children was Ben Mason; this skitter appeared to treat the children as if they were it's own. However, this skitter was unaware Hal Mason sneaked into the group, as he attached a dead harness onto his back. Nonetheless, the skitter found out when Hal was not a harnessed child, when Hal called out to his brother quietly while they were sleeping. As the skitter woke up, Hal stabbed the Skitter with a knife, but failed to kill it. The skitter attacked Hal, but is soon killed when Tom Mason when he shoots it with an arrow in the chest.

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