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  Skitter (Young Bloods)
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Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Young Bloods
Last Appearance Young Bloods

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Running a harness factory
Cause of Death Shot by an Tom Mason.

This skitter was in charge of one of the many harness factories, making sure every kid is harnessed correctly.


Season 2Edit

"Young Bloods"Edit

This Skitter was present at the Harness Factory, where several kids where being harnessed. It appeared to be in charge of this factory. The skitter held one of the kids down as the Harness crawled on it's back and attached itself to the boy. It was eventully killed after the 2nd Mass gained access to the harnessing room, where the kids were being Harnessed, and was killed by Tom Mason when he shot the skitter.

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