Skitters (Compass)
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Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Compass
Last Appearance Compass

Race Dornia
Allegiance Skitter Rebellion (presumably)
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Rebels (presumably)
Cause of Death Burned by Jimmy Boland

These two skitters were ambushed by Ben Mason and Jimmy Boland while meeting with Red Eye.


Season 2Edit


While hunting Skitters together, Ben Mason and Jimmy Boland found these two Skitters meeting with Red Eye and were surprised by the lack of Mechs around. Jimmy loaded his shotgun with two of the Berserkers Dragonbreath rounds to kill the Skitters with and Ben purposefully coughed, drawing the attention of the Skitters. As Red Eye hung back, the two Skitters approached the position of the noise and Ben ordered Jimmy to fire. Jimmy blasted both Skitters with the Dragonbreath rounds, burning them to death. The two humans were then attacked by Red Eye who mortally wounded Jimmy.

Later, the Berserkers returned to the site of the ambush where they witnessed two Skitters and a Mech recover the bodies of the dead Skitters.


Killed ByEdit

After their attention is drawn by Ben Mason faking a cough, the Skitters approach his and Jimmy's position. Once they are close enough, Jimmy shoots the Skitters with the Berserkers Dragonbreath rounds, burning both to death.


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