Skitters (Young Bloods)
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Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Young Bloods
Last Appearance Young Bloods

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Scouts
Cause of Death Decapitated by Tector

These two skitters were ambushed by Tector with the help of Matt Mason.


Season 2Edit

"Young Bloods"Edit

While on his first mission, Matt Mason was convinced by Tector and Boon to help ambush two Skitters. As part of this, Matt rode his scooter through a school's playground and purposefully cornered himself in an alleyway where two Skitters emerged to attack him. As one Skitter approached Matt, the second suddenly had its head blown off by Tector with a Barrett .50 caliber rifle. As the Skitter near Matt turned around in shock to stare at the dead Skitter, it had its head blown off by Tector as well, splattering Matt with its blood. Matt was immediately excited by helping to kill the two Skitters.

Later, while retelling the story, Matt would state that he had in fact saw the Skitters closing in on him, but purposefully didn't let on that he knew they were there so that he could lure them into a trap. His father is less than pleased to learn of this and berates and punishes Tector and Boon for putting Matt in such jeopardy.


Killed ByEdit

Matt purposefully allowed himself to be cornered in an alley by these two Skitters as part of a trap. Once Matt had them in position, Tector blew their heads off with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.


  • According to Tector, these two Skitters are his 27th and 28th kills. He later states that no one else has killed that many Skitters before.

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