Sleeping Skitters
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Seasons Season 1
First Appearance "Grace"
Last Appearance "Grace"

Race Dornia
Allegiance Espheni
Origin Skitter homeworld
Occupation Soldiers
Cause of Death Blown up by John Pope.

These four skitters were found by a team of 2nd Mass fighters sleeping under a bridge.


Season 1Edit


While making their way to a remote motorcycle shop, a team of 2nd Mass fighters discovers four Skitters hanging like bats from an overpass, sleeping. The group is surprised to find them asleep in such a position while John Pope points out that at least the Skitters are asleep and "not having Skitter group sex." Tom Mason expresses surprise that the Skitters are asleep during the day as Skitters are not nocturnal, but Pope suggests that they are simply getting sleep whenever they can, just like soliders anywhere. After learning that there are Mechs north and south in "sleep mode" from Dai, Tom refuses to kill the Skitters and risk drawing the Mechs attention. Despite Pope's protests, Tom leads his team away without killing the Skitters.

After getting to the motorcycle shop, Pope steals a motorcycle and a full gas can and returns to the overpass where the Skitters are still asleep. Attaching two grenades to the gas can, Pope quips "rise and shine", pulls the pins and throws the makeshift bomb at the Skitters. The explosion obliterates the Skitters and draws the attention of another Skitter to Tom's team.


Killed ByEdit

After finding the Skitters while with Tom Mason's team, Pope returns with a makeshift bomb made out of a gas can with two grenades tied to it. Quipping "rise and shine", Pope pulls the pins and throws the makeshift bomb at the sleeping Skitters. The explosion obliterates the four Skitters.

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