The Battle of Fitchburg (full title Falling Skies: The Battle of Fitchburg) was the second Falling Skies graphic novel released. Its release was divided amongst 8 issues.


The following description is provided by Dark Horse on their official page for the trade paperback collection of the graphic novel.

"Immediately following the events of TNT’s Falling Skies season 1, the second Mass gets pinned down by alien forces and sustains heavy losses. With an army of skitters closing in, the group shields themselves in an armory in Fitchburg, ready to finish the battle once and for all."


The graphic novel was released in eight separate issues before being collected in trade-paperback form.



   Paul Tobin, Mark Verheiden, Danilo Beyruth


   Danilo Beyruth, Juan Ferreyra, Patric Reynolds


   Andrew Dalhouse

Cover Artist:

   Juan Ferreyra 

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