"The Price of Greatness"
Season 2, Episode 9
The Price of Greatness
Episode Nineteen
Air date August 12th, 2012
Written by Mark Verheiden
Directed by Adam Kane
US Viewers 3.46 million
Episode Guide
"Death March"
"A More Perfect Union"
Cast Guide
Noah Wyle as Tom Mason
Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass
Drew Roy as Hal Mason
Maxim Knight as Matt Mason
Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado
Peter Shinkoda as Dai
Sarah Carter as Margaret
Colin Cunningham as John Pope
Will Patton as Daniel F. Weaver
Also Starring
Dale Dye as Jim Porter
Ryan Robbins as Tector Murphy
Luciana Carro as Lee Tedeschi
Laci J Mailey as Jeanne Weaver
Ty Olsson as Clemmons
Matt Frewer as Cole Bressler
Terry O'Quinn as Arthur Manchester

"The Price of Greatness" is the 19th episode of Falling Skies and the ninth episode of the second season. It was written Consulting Producer Mark Verheiden and helmed by new director Adam Kane.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The 2nd Mass arrives in Charleston where Tom comes across his former mentor and professor Arthur Manchester. Their arrival brings existing tensions to show and the situation escalates fast.


The episode resumes after Colonel Porter greets the 2nd Mass when they find the ruins of Charleston, South Carolina. He leads them into an abandoned shopping mall and explains to the 2nd Mass that the reason why they were never attacked was due to the Overlords believing they were dead. Porter also requests that Tom should tell him more about his meeting with the Overlord.

Bringing them into a large basement, the 2nd Mass gazes at a large atrium with a buffet table and people everywhere. Despite of their disbelief, Porter offers them to come. As they walk down a broken escalator, the remaining survivors applaud their arrival. Tom offers his hand to Anne and they walk to the food. Jeanne greets Weaver and he embraces her. Tector and Weaver greet

After a meal, Tom is greeted by his mentor and professor Arthur Manchester. After introducing himself to Tom and Anne, he and Tom talk to each other and recollect on what happened after the invasion. Arthur gives Tom a book that he wrote himself and announces that he wants to lead the new government in Charleston and invites Tom's support. Shortly afterward, a minor riot breaks out due to the Continental Army requesting that the 2nd Mass is to forfeit their weapons. The members of the 2nd Mass cry out in protest until Tom and Weaver command them to give their weapons away. Elsewhere, Anne goes to the infirmary where she and Lourdes reminisce on the medicinal capacity that the doctors have there. Despite of her willingness to help the patients, she is turned down because she was trained as a pediatrician. She reports to Tom that the people seem too comfortable in Charleston.

Jeanne and Weaver reconcile and Weaver asks her where Diego and the rest of her friend are. Jeanne explains that she and Diego were separated when they were attacked by a Mech squad and she wants to find them. After this Jeanne says to Weaver that she plans on speaking at the meeting organized by Manchester.

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