In the end of season 3 the Boston Motherships was destroyed and the Volm mothership arrived. In season 4 The 2th Mass is atacked and then, imprisoned in Espheni guetos. What happened, It was all going so well. How did this sudden turnaround?

What happened with the harnessed children? And what happened with the harnesses? They were no longer used... Why?

And the other espheni motherships. The Boston mothership was destroyed and the grid down... But, there was many others motherships in cities arround the world. What happened with then?

Why the espheni plan was changed, skittered humans, ok. But this is that the harnesses made with kids, itn't it? But if there was another method... The grid would terminate all the life in earth, except the espheni and slavered creatures. And after, they was skitterize humans that first the espheni tryed kill all then.

It's confuse... A lot...

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