Volm-Espheni War


Centuries before 2013-2015


  • Volm homeworld
  • Milky Way galaxy
    • Earth


  • Decisive Volm/Human victory
    • Espheni wiped out



  • Volm Expeditionary Corps
    • Volm combat ships
    • Volm combat teams
    • Volm reconnaissance teams

Total-Espheni wiped out

Very high


The Volm-Espheni War was an interstellar conflict between the Volm and the Espheni.


Hundreds of years ago the Espheni invaded the Volm's home planet. Despite their resistance, the Volm were forced to leave their planet and now reside entirely in troop ships. Ever since then they have been traveling to other planets the Espheni have invaded attempting to aid any resistance that might be fighting against them. At some point Cochise lost his brother on one of the planets they were trying to help. Around 2012-2013 they landed on Earth to assist the Global Resistance.

After an Espheni offensive that all but incapacitated the human resistance after the destruction of their defense grid, the Volm were forced to withdraw their forces from Earth because of an unexpected Espheni assault on the Alicante 8 base where the Volm's brood-mates and hatchlings were hiding. He left his son Cochise and several recon teams on the Earth with the mission to monitor the Espheni war machine but not to engage the enemy. 

The destruction of the Espheni Power Core subsequently allowed Volm reinforcements, once again led by Waschak-cha'ab to return to Earth, allowing them to eliminate most Espheni space/aircraft in the vicinity of Earth and land more ground troops to assist human resistance forces. Despite the Espheni occupational forces being in disarray, they remain a strong threat, holding on to several key positions on Earth and preparing to make a devastating counterattack against the Volm and the humans. After uniting the remaining human militias across the planet, the humans launched a counterattack on Washington, D.C. where they learn the Espheni Queen is located. During a personal confrontation with the queen, Tom manages to use the Dornia superweapon on the queen, killing her and wiping out the Espheni through their connection to her.


Even with the Espheni destroyed the Volm remain allied with the newly-freed Earth and attend Tom Mason's speech to humanity.

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