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Waspers are mutations by the Espheni using parts from skitters, Espheni, hornets and humans. They are in use by the Espheni, and have been scattered around Earth currently, with an unknown goal, possibly to harass the Global Resistance.


They are first encountered by Tom Mason after one single bug bites him on the neck. Tom thinks he kills the bug, and puts it in a glass specimen jar like they did with the Eye Worm after discovering one. The bug's bite continues to irritate Tom, as the bites keeps bleeding from the wound. After creating a microscope, they discover the bug is, in fact, a mutation; consisting of Espheni arms, Skitter legs, Black Hornet wings and human eyes. When Tom scopes the bug, the eye moves and flies away into a swarm of the bugs.


The bugs devouring Ryan in seconds.

The bugs later again discovered, this time by John Pope, as he finds his girlfriend Sara, being swarmed by them. The bug have devoured all skin and muscle from her legs, exposing only her bones. At a police station, Ryan, another resistance fighter in the 2nd Mass opens the doors to the station to find a swarm of the bugs, and his whole body is devoured and picked clean in seconds. The bugs try to attack Tom, but Tom uses Mace to disable them, as they have human eyes.


The bugs have been mutated to have wings similar to those on Black Hornets, they have Skitter legs, Espheni arms and human eyes. More intelligent than normal flies, they know how to navigate around obstacles. Swarms also appear to be capable of devouring the skin and muscle of humans in seconds.


The bugs in a swarm.

The bugs are extremely similar to normal flies, only with modified parts, which have been added to create a powerful weapon using the flies. The legs and hands have been modified to be able to devour the skin of a human in seconds, and the wings have been modified to be stronger. Instead of normal eyes, the Espheni have added human eyes, currently for unknown reasons. The bugs usually travel in groups, and only stay stagnant unless the presence of a human attracts them, which will cause the bugs to swarm the human and attack. They appear to be pack hunters, deploying in large numbers and using swarm tactics to overwhelm opposition. They are also unable to be easily killed, because of their size and speed, however a defect is their human eyes, as they can therefore be disabled using Mace.

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