Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower-Crop
Actor Joshua Morettin
Seasons Season 4
First Appearance Ghost in the Machine
Last Appearance Evolve or Die

Allegiance Espheni
Age Early teens
Occupation Student

The whistle blower is a teenager located at a re-education camp in Charleston.



At some point during the invasion, this teen was taken to a re-education camp.

Season 4Edit

This teenager can be seen attending many classes alongside Matt Mason. He lines up for food when told to by Kent, and watches as Sheila betrays her parents.

"Ghost in the Machine"Edit

This boy meets with Matt, at Matt's dorm, with a few other students at 8pm. During the meeting at the dorm, Matt explains his plan to screw over the guys working for the Espheni and he agrees to be part of it.

"Evolve or Die"Edit

It is assumed this boy was quickly brainwashed, as he along with Mira, Skip and another girl as he did not help Matt escape the re-education camp. When Tom invades the re-education camp, and searches on of the dorms for his son, Matt he wakes up this sleeping teen. Tom walks up to his bed, and asks if he has seen Matt and in response, this teen stands up and blows his whistle, causing the other students to wake up and blow their whistles, alerting all the skitters and collaborators, also showing that he is fully brainwashed by the human collaborators. 


Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon


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