Actor Seth Whittaker
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Stalag 14th Virginia

Allegiance 14th Virginia
Age Early 30's
Occupation U.S. Military Lieutenant
"What about the Volm? Cap says they're just as dangerous."
—Williams to Weaver[src]

Lieutenant Williams is a survivor of the invasion and soldier in the 14th Virginia.


Invasion of EarthEdit

Williams was a military lieutenant in the U.S. Military before the invasion. During the the invasion, Williams made his way to the naval base in Norfolk and joined the 14th Virginia. Williams was one of the soldiers questioning the goals of hunting collaborators instead of fighting the aliens.

Season 5Edit

"Stalag 14th Virginia"Edit

Lt. Williams asks Lt. Shelton if he needs to relief, as he has been guarding the Masons in their cells. Shelton denies needed a relief, and Williams tells Shelton that two 2nd Mass fighters attacked Zak Kagel, cut his face and took his weapons. Williams cheers for Demarcus Wolf as he brings in a dead Overlord, mentioning that he killed the Overlord before it could kill him. Williams along with the other soldiers want to go outside the base to sweep the area for more aliens, however Katie Marshall denies the request.

After Marshall and the others leave, Daniel Weaver asks the soldiers who wanted to fight for a word. Weaver shows the Mason Militia message to the 14th soldiers on the Volm tablet. The soldiers agree that the Masons have not committed treason, and agree to fight with Colonel Weaver and Lt. Demarcus Wolf. Williams asks about the Volm to Weaver, thinking that they are still dangerous. Weaver replies to Williams that nobody more than the Volm annoys him, but they want to kill the Espheni as much as them. Weaver tells Williams, Stokes, Franklin, Goodman and the others in the room to go back to their duties, and in the morning be ready to stand fast.

As Wolf is caught helping the Masons escape, Wolf and the Masons are all lined up on the firing line. Williams, Stokes, Goodman, Franklin and a few others are the soldiers who are shooting the Masons. When Zak Kagel gives them the order to shoot, they just hold their guns in the air, and do not shoot. When Kagel yells "shoot" again, the group of soldier look over to Weaver. Straight after, Tom Mason breaks into the base with a truck, and shows Cochise to the 14th, showing that they shouldn't be afraid of the Volm. The 14th stand down, and when Marshall tries to shoot Tom, Weaver stabs her, and as she bleeds black blood, Wolf tells the 14th that she was in league with that Overlord he killed.


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