Willie McComb
Actor Timothy Webber
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Respite

Age Early 60's
Occupation Farmer
Former Army Medic
Family Wife †
Alicia - Daughter
Stepson †
Kyle - Oldest Grandson
Zach - Youngest Grandson
Jessica - Granddaughter
"Are you gonna literally bring a knife to a gunfight?"
—Willie to Tom Mason.[src]

Willie McComb is a survivor of the invasion and is currently living on a farm with his family, safe from the aliens.



Willie was a medic in the army during the Vietnam war. After, he bought a property in Cornelius, North Carolina 40 years before the invasion with the wife. Willie's wife died of unknown reasons, and after his stepson died in Afghanistan, as he was a paratrooper, which triggered his daughter Alicia and her kids to move to the farm.

The Invasion of EarthEdit

Willie McComb lives on an 1000 acre farm, with no major roads or neighbors. The reason the aliens haven't attacked is the tree coverage, and to survive they trap rabbits, squirrels and catch crawdads in the creek to eat, and get water from the spring. Willie owns a gas generator on the farm, and was big on stockpiling before the invasion hit. Willie and Alicia have kept the war away from the kids, and have only had a few scares of explosions and rockets in the air.

Season 5Edit


Willie saves Tom Mason by shooting down the Black Hornet that was carrying him off. Willie brought Tom back to his farm, where his daughter Alicia pulled the bullet out of his leg. After Tom wakes up, Willie enters with his gun, and as Tom has a knife he asks if he is going to bring a knife to a gunfight. Willie tells Tom that there is no war here, and that he won't be able to leave the farm for a few days, using his medical experience and tells him he will have to stay for a few days. Willie gives Tom a walking stick as he cannot walk on the leg, and gives him fresh clothes, telling him dinner will be ready. When Tom comes downstairs for dinner, Willie tells Tom he can sit at the head of the table, and they pray before they eat the food. After, Willie is reading an old newspaper when Kyle walks in. Willie tells him that his mother worries.

The next day, Willie shows Tom the farm and tells him that they have been living off the land. Willie tells them that they have been getting water from the spring, using the generator, making traps, and also tells Tom that they have shielded the kids away from the war to protect them. After Kyle goes missing, Willie searches the barns, but cannot find him. Tom leaves with one of the vehicles, and finds and brings back Kyle. After, Willie fends off the farm from two intruders, which turn out to be Tom's son, Hal Mason and Isabella. Willie gets one of the vehicles working, and gives it to Tom, so that he can get back to the 2nd Mass.


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